White Hall High School Athletics

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Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your daughter or son has expressed a desire to participate in the White Hall School District Athletic Program.  It is the belief of the WHSD coaching staff that participating in athletics can do more for your child than simply teaching him/her how to play the sport.

Our staff believes that athletics enriches the total educational process and will develop our young men and women of our district into good citizens of our community, state, and nation.  Athletics instills the desire to win, a positive attitude, victory with honor, and leadership skills in order to be successful in today’s society.  It also builds strength of body, mind, and character.

It is our belief that strength of character is the foundation upon which to build the well-developed, well-polished individual.   We believe that our athletes should be leaders in our schools.  Athletes are constantly being monitored by their peers, teachers, media, and the community.  Being under this constant scrutiny, athletes must have the strength of character to understand their leadership role which they have assumed through athletics.  At all times, they must present themselves with the respect, sincerity, and honesty expected of a young lady or gentleman.

Because we believe our athletes should possess these qualities, we have established the following set of guidelines to be followed by all athletes, regardless of sport, in White Hall School District:

1.      Abide by all Arkansas Activities Association rule specifications and local athletic policies.

2.      Attend every practice session and athletic contest unless ill or emergency situation.

3.      At all times, represent your team, school, community, and yourself by responding to every situation as a young lady or gentleman.

4.      Abide by all White Hall School District, Athletic Department handbook, and campus guidelines and policies at all times.

5.      Strive for academic excellence in the classroom.

Violation of these policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken against the student athlete and could result in his/her removal from the WHSD athletic program.  It should be stressed that being a member of an athletic team is a privilege, not a right.  Since it is a privilege, WHSD has the authority to revoke that privilege when rules are not followed.  Therefore, we ask your cooperation in motivating your son or daughter to observe these rules to ensure he or she will experience the maximum benefit from the athletic program.


Tim Atkinson, M.Ed., ATC

Athletic Director

Head Athletic Trainer

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