White Hall High School Athletics

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“Success is simple.  Do what’s RIGHT, the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time.”

·        To represent White Hall School District with class

·        To always have a Commitment to Excellence that will produce winning teams with the guidelines of good sportsmanship

·        To provide a positive image of school athletics in WHSD

·        To ensure growth and development of activities that will increase the numbers of participants

·        To provide opportunities that will allow the program to teach students how to handle situations of success and adversity

·        To provide a program of diverse and appropriate activities for all students

·        To provide an opportunity for all students to experience success in those activities he or she selects

·        To provide sufficient activities with a variety of student interests and abilities

·        To provide student activities which will offer the greatest benefits for the greatest number of students

·        To create an internal desire to succeed and excel in all endeavors

·        To develop high ideals of fairness in all human relationships

·        To develop & practice self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions under pressure

·        To be socially competent and operate within a set of rules, gaining a respect for the rights of others

·        To develop an understanding of the value of athletics in a balanced educational process



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